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 Epic Experiences 

Here at the Envy group we want our clients to truly use their life to the full. This is why we have put together our Epic adventures category.


From an air balloon race across the world, to a luxury trip down to the Titanic spend time with your Idol with a Private night with Sting, Lenny Kravitz, or a private football lesson with your child’s favorite star. To having your own one off piece of diamond jewelry made or a gift from your favorite designer.


Once you have had every car, and been to every place. Let the Envy Group then show you the next dimension to gain access to an experience you may not have known existed.


 Helicopter and Rolls Royce Shopping Day

Why not plan an Envy shopping day for your self or your loved one.


Choose from many of our packages that included:
– Collection from your chosen point by chauffeur and drop off to your nearest heli-pad.
– Flown into London via Helicopter.
– Collection from the Heli-pad by Rolls Royce Phantom.
– Taken to the most exclusive shopping venues.
– Lunch in one of the many exclusive restaurants.
– An over night stay, if you choose.
– Then Rolls Royce back to the Helicopter, where you will be flown back to your nearest homely heli-pad


Speak to the Envy Team to personalise your special day


 The Envy road trip experiences

Great hotels, the best restaurants and bars. Scenic roads, wine tasting, SPA’s, private shopping, events.

Fasten the seat bealts and enjoy the ride…

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 More epic experiences

Peru and Machu Picchu

The Andean Adventure
Immerse yourself in myth and history in this north Andean adventure. Journey along rivers, through jungles, over deserts, and up mountains before culminating in the magical lost city of Machu Picchu, precariously yet ingeniously balanced on a hilltop 2,430 metres above sea level and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

DAY 1: Depart for Peru Arrive in Lima, where you will enjoy a city tour and learn more about its Spanish colonial heritage and visit sights of interest including San Francisco Convent with its catacombs and the Inca mummies at the National Gold Museum.

DAY 2-4: Amazon River Fly north in a private aircraft from Lima to board a luxury Amazon river boat which will take you on an exploration of the river system discovering a range of flora and wildlife dotted along the embankments of jungle waterways. You can meet tribal shaman to learn their secrets and even eat ants that taste like sorbet. Relax in the evenings with sundowners on the deck as the boat steams gently upriver into the setting sun.

DAY 5-13: Andes Flight from Quito for a week of exploring a pre-Incan civilisation’s citadel in the cloud forests of the northern Andes. Making your way by a combination of trekking, planes, trucks and llamas you will be transported to Gran Pajaten, Gran Vilaya and other stunning hidden cities shrouded in mystique where the permits needed to visit are like gold dust. Each night is spent in a luxury camp under the stars, away from the madding crowds.

DAY 14: Lima Fly to Lima and transfer to your hotel where you will enjoy a private tasting of some the continent’s finest wines.

DAY 15-16: Ballestas Islands Head south from Lima in 4x4 vehicles to your hotel beside the Pacific Ocean overlooking the Ballestas Islands, home to sea lions and Humboldt Penguins. See dune etchings of the ancient Paracan civilisation and learn how to drive along the sand dunes before arriving at a luxury campsite to fish for your own barbecue dinner.

DAY 17: Nazca Take a helicopter ride over the plateau of Nazca with its etched figures and mysterious lines. Continue over the top of the Andes in a private plane to Cusco.

DAY 18-21: Cusco & Machu Picchu Enjoy a unique evening meal in a top restaurant in the city of Cusco, the Inca capital. The following day entails a drive or bike ride across glorious countryside and archaeological sites of the Sacred Valley. Look out for the colourfully dressed local Quechua people. Arrive at the ruins of Machu Picchu by train. Perched on a thin saddle ridge, this high-altitude Inca sanctuary boasts impressive architecture and an ingenious layout and is sure to wow you. Return to Cusco by train for a Peruvian evening meal.

DAY 22: Depart Peru Free day in Cusco before a flight back home.

Antarctica Trip

The Antarctic provides some of the most hostile and challenging, yet awe-inspiring terrain and climate in the world – and you could have the opportunity to conquer vast tracts of it using similar vehicles to those used in the world famous BBC ‘Top Gear’ TV series.

The window of opportunity at these extremes is tiny so the expedition is very exclusive and will be run for just a few weeks a year for a handful of people. This has never been run before and we are currently the only company offering anything like it in the polar- regions. Although the driving is not for the faint-hearted – there is so much more to the expedition than just sitting in a warm car: dig it out of crevasses, navigate blizzards, camp under the freezing moon, if this isn’t a sufficient enough challenge for you, why not get right into the thick of the elements and ski to the pole from one of the outer base camps then drive yourself home (one trip will drive to the South Pole, one from the South Pole to the edge).

Meet your Group Leader and Doctor Discuss your trip requirements and expectations, shop for specialised equipment and undergo an assessment of your training needs and any medical issues.

DAY 1: Depart for South Africa You will be collected and taken to meet your Group Leader and Doctor for your flight to Cape Town.

DAY 2-3: Arrive Cape Town, South Africa Transfer to your accommodation and spend a day of leisure exploring the vibrant city of Cape Town. Why not ask your Group Leader to take you up Table Mountain to witness the amazing vista across the Cape before a full expedition briefing later that day.

DAY 4: Arrive in Antarctica Fly from Cape Town to the most severe and southernmost continent. Few people have even experienced this onward flight so enjoy the significance of the journey south.

DAY 5-18: Experience of a Lifetime You will venture inland from Antarctica’s iceberg littered coastline to its pristine void of remote mountains, glaciers and endless ice sheets. Walking on virgin ice or skiing on a snow-saturated playground, you will be travelling little frequented routes and the likelihood of seeing anyone else is slim. Following in the footsteps of polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott, yet leaving tracks from heavy duty, off-road Top Gear-style vehicles, you are guaranteed an adrenalin-pumping ride. Enjoy chauffeur-driven routes or better still, take command of these powerful two-tonne trucks yourself, under the guidance of your expedition leader.

DAY 19-20: Depart Antarctica Fly from Antarctica to Cape Town. Enjoy a day of rest or sight- seeing and reflect on one of the most remarkable and exhilarating journeys you will have ever accomplished.

DAY 21-22: Depart from South Africa Flight home, arriving the following day.

North Pole by Huskies

The North Pole, located in the Arctic Ocean is a gigantic area devoid of landmass. Instead it is a colossal sheet of sea ice. This unique trip will escort you across fascinating Arctic terrain, ceasing only to touch the roof of the world – the magnificent North Pole. On one hand daunting, haunting, treacherous, yet on the other utterly mesmerising and constantly changing. Devoid of people the Arctic remains one of man’s great challenges. By sledge and by ski, pick your way across the ice as you lead your hounds determinedly towards your goal of the North Pole.

Meet your Group Leader and Doctor Discuss your trip requirements and expectations, shop for specialised equipment, spend a full day checking your gear is correct and undergo a medical evaluation to assess your suitability and discuss specific health issues. Pre- production meeting for your trip photographer if you choose to engage one.

PRE TRAINING Meet the Huskies Five day husky familiarisation trip in Norway sharpening your dog handling skills before boarding a majestic ship frozen in the ice which is your accommodation for your stay.

DAY 1: Depart the UK You will be collected and taken to meet your Group Leader and Doctor for your flight to Svalbard, Norway.

DAY 2: Preparation Day Day to relax and prepare for your forthcoming expedition – and maybe even glimpse a polar bear.

DAY 3: Onto the Ice Transfer to the airport for a flight to an Ice Camp situated at the last degree (89th degree latitude) and spend the day acclimatising to the extreme conditions.

DAY 4-11: Expedition Commences Fly by private helicopter to meet your husky teams. Over the next seven days, together you will make the epic journey to the North Pole, setting up camp each night upon the drifting sea ice. With 24 hours of sunlight there is ample time to test your husky driving skills, ski for up to ten hours a day and see if you can spot polar bears in the distance as you pass open waters and carve your way through the snow and ice. On reaching the North Pole, marvel at the terrain you have just crossed while you wait to be transferred by helicopter back to the Ice camp. Hotel accommodation awaits your arrival in Svalbard.

DAY 12-13: Time at leisure Two days assigned for rest and celebration in Svalbard. (However, these also allow for possible delays due to adverse weather conditions.)

DAY 14: Return to the UK Flight home, arriving later that day.

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