We facilitate not only stand alone funding


 Envy Aviation Finance 

Whether you are looking to acquire a single engine light aircraft, a corporate jet, a commercial aircraft , undertaking a major airport expansion program or looking to acquire equipment for your ground operation, we provide services and products for all of these and more.


We facilitate not only stand alone funding, but we also procure aviation assets and project manage the process from specification through to delivery and installation.


Our Aviation team are experts in all aspects of airport, airline, ground handling and flight operations as well as facilitating funding solutions to the corporate sector. All you need to do is tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will match this to the most suitable products available on the market.

In addition to conventional assets we can also facilitate other key purchases to include; airfield equipment and IT to terminal fixtures and fittings.


You may be looking to upgrade your security screening equipment or are simply looking to re-fit your terminal. We can provide a finance solution to allow you to do all of this and much more.



As the aviation sector has evolved in recent years, changes have been needed in the way in which companies acquire assets. In the past, equipment was often purchased for cash, whereas now companies often look to match contracts, or have internal accounting returns to meet.


Increasingly companies are moving away from outright purchase and are placing value on the flexibility of having options at the end of their finance agreement, in order that they can evaluate their individual requirements at that point in time rather than being left with surplus equipment. For this purpose, funding via operating lease (rental) is ideal. This facility can be used on a stand-alone basis, if the user wishes to make use of their in house maintenance team. Alternatively it can be linked to a repair and maintenance contract thereby the end user can, if they so wish, fix their known costs further.


Aviation acquisition – Take Advantage of our (L.A.A.S) Luxury Aviation Acquisition Service. Over the years as we have dealt with many of the worlds largest aviation companies and Largest self made Wealthy clients, we have access to Unobtainable Jets. Some of these Jets may not be on the open market for sale, however our clients are happy for us to dispose of these for them on there behalf at any time …

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