Marine mortgages that are available from £2000 upwards

Envy Marine Finance 

The ENVY Group can finance new and used boats, from sailing yachts and speedboats to motor cruisers. we can even locate the correct boat for you through a specialist dealer contacts and networks, offering a large saving off retail.


Financing could not be easier through the ENVY Group, offering flexible repayment options, from marine mortgages that are available from £2000 upwards, with no penalties for making lump sum payments or settling in full after the first 6 months.


Your Marine Mortgage can be agreed in principle, this allows you the freedom to look for your ideal boat knowing how much you can realistically spend. Having your money at the ready could also strengthen your negotiating position.


A choice of a 10 or 15-year repayment period – the longer the period of time you choose to take your Marine Mortgage out for, the lower your monthly repayments, this can then allow you a larger spending limit.


With our Marine Mortgages, the loan is secured on the vessel with no need for extra security!


We can offer you funding up to 80% of a boat’s purchase price or valuation, which ever is the lower.


We have many finance packages available that can be personally tailored to suit your personal or business needs.

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