We tailor every finance Package to suit each individual client

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Here at the ENVY Group, we tailor every finance Package to suit each individual client. With access to over 40 Funders in the Uk and also access to offshore funders.


We really have all the bases covered to simply bespoke the right package for you. Take the time below to familiarize your self with the different options available.


For your peace of mind we are happy to work with your accountant to truly make the most of whats available to you or your business. Click on our Quick Finance Application to get the ball rolling….



This is generally the most popular and well-known way of financing a vehicle or asset. A deposit is taken; then the left over amount of finance will be repaid over an agreed period of time by monthly installments.

Very popular with customers who are keen on low monthly rentals. Similar to hire purchase, but with a large final payment, (also known as a balloon payment) this will then reduce the monthly repayments. The balloon repayment is usually based on the residual value of what the vehicle will be worth at the end of the fiancé agreement. At the end of the agreement, the final payment can be repaid in full, or the vehicle traded in and any equity used as a deposit for another vehicle.

With this contract you have the ability to fix your monthly repayments on a variable interest rate. There are No major penalties, if you decide to settle early. Which in the case of customers who like to change their vehicle regularly this is most ideal.

This is much the same as a (LP) lease purchase, however the final balloon payment is pretty much guaranteed. This then allows you the option of whether you wish to own the vehicle by paying the final balloon or you can simply give the vehicle back for us to deal with it !!!!

Again we can fix your monthly repayments, and usually the deposit required is less than a Lease purchase LP. This finance package offers you no disposal problems if you wish to hand the vehicle back. Yet have the option to buy.

If you wish we can re finance your final balloon repayment if you wish to carry on the vehicle, yet cannot afford the final balloon payment. This is most used by customers who may have a car allowance, which have opted out of a company car.

Off balance sheet funding; essentially a contract to hire a vehicle over a given period of time, which may incorporate items such as servicing, maintenance, etc. This can be a very useful service for those customers who do not like to worry about the maintenance of the vehicle as usually tyres will be changed for free, services and various other issues will all be done by a dedicated team. This can all be arranged with one phone call.

A popular choice for VAT registered companies; the term can be from 6 Months to 60 Months. The vehicle is simply used for that term with a set mileage and given back t the end of the contract. With no disposal or depreciation worries.

Road fund license is included into the cost. 50% of VAT can be reclaimed on cars and 100% on commercials. Hire rental tax allowances apply - depending on the cost value of the vehicle a considerable amount of the payment can be offset against tax & profits.

Personal contract hire offers the same sort of set up as CH yet to the personal customer. You set an agreed monthly rental and an agreed annual mileage and simply hand the car back once finished.

This means you will have a fixed monthly outgoing with no depreciation or disposal issues. Maintenance also available. Road fund is also included within the price for the full term of the contract.

Some of our customers wish to simply buy the vehicle with out any finance or funding package. This is no problem. This still allows us to offer your self-great discounts, and we will simply deliver the vehicle to your door on cleared payment.

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