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Luxury Gifts 

In today’s world of call centres and answering services, we feel the personal touch has been lost. So when it comes to giving a gift, it is not just what you give, it is how and when.


The Envy Group like to be seen as unique, and with this we hope our clients like to been seen as unique as well.



Taken this into consideration we have designed a unique gift service where we help our clients design a one off luxury gift. Each gift can be personally designed, from gold stitch ribbons, to hand crafted one off, white gold boxes.


If you prefer to be less extravagant then remember each gift can be tailor made to your personal budget. Have your gift delivered by one of our exclusive Envy chaperone Bell Hops direct to your chosen ones door or even at a dinner function in front of all their guests.


The gifts can be delivered by one of our exclusive Envy Rolls Royce Phantoms adding the final refinement.


When giving a gift, presentation is key, let the Envy Group leave those around you gasping with envious thoughts, your imagination is your limit, so allow the Envy group access your wildest dreams.


Anyone can give a gift, yet can everyone leave a lasting memory?

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