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Bookings & Tickets 


We all appreciate a good meal, and whether you are entertaining personally or for business then why not try our Envy Group Luxury booking service.


Due to our ongoing relationships, you would have a greater chance in securing a table at your chosen restaurant, whilst also having other options available.


Yet maybe you would like us to be able to arrange the whole evening with you and create an evening based upon your tastes.




Hotels – The Ritz London, Mayfair 

The Envy Group have exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s most luxurious hotels & spas.


So not only will we be able to show you the best there is to offer, we will also be able to access you to discounts unseen in a retail market place.


Combined with our luxury chauffeur service, your trip will be thoughtless.



Making your holiday arrangements can be very stressful, especially to those who are living an extremely busy lifestyle.


Here at the Envy Group we know what you would expect, so leave this to us.. Chauffeur driven to the airport, Business class or chartered Jet.,Which ever suits your requirements.


Whilst working alongside 2 of the Worlds largest luxury private holiday companies in the world, you truly have come to the right place.


We can give you access to places you can only dream of, with the whitest sands and clearest waters. Thus allowing you large discounts due to the high volume bookings, we make per year.


Let the Envy Group help you to paradise, whilst making your bank account that less wounded.


Members Bars 

The Envy Group allows you access to some of the most exclusive members bars.


Through our working relationships, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to visit these venues on an occasional basis.


We also have access to arrange private memberships for Envy clientele as a privileged member. To take advantage of these opportunities.

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