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Watches and Jewellery 




The Envy Group understands that being individual is important to us all.


Which is why we understand that having the right time piece for the right occasion is truly important.


From a Patek to a Piguet, to a Breitling to a Breguet, allow The Envy Group to access some of the worlds most desirable and collectable watches, only available for those who are in the “know”.


Working with some of the worlds best, we are also able to access some of the biggest discounts known in the market place.


Contact the Envy group and speak to our one of our watch experts today, and if you wish have the watch delivered by our specialist Gift department for a truly memorable experience.



As we are in the heart of London’s Mayfair, we have access to some of the worlds best jewellery collections.

we currently collaborate with some of the top jewellers, with access to one off pieces or bespoke designed masterpieces.

Help us design that one off gift, then deliver it with a touch of elegance with our exclusive gift delivery service.

Using some of our world wide contacts we will truly be able to leave the owner with a sparkle in there eye, diamonds are a girls best friend.



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