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The Envy Group have access to some of the finest and most collectable wines in the world.


To make that right touch for an important dinner or simply to experience a memorable occasion, let the Envy Group take control.


Our goal is to offer our clients some of the worlds most sought after wines. Working alongside some of London’s Very best Connoisseurs in the market place, who supply some of the worlds most known restaurants and offer a second to none value for money service.


Why not contact us to find out when our next wine tasting event is, to truly experience some of the worlds very best wines.


Why not purchase a case of Putrus, or maybe some lavish Lafite, with access to some of the world’s most collectible, yet delicious wines. Why not taste the difference with the Envy Group.

The Envy Group are fully aware of the Investment opportunities available within the world of Wine.

In many cases, wine can offer a stronger rate of interest than property, Gold or any other commodity.

Our specialist wine connoisseurs designed “The Envy Wine Portfolio”.

With many types of Investment opportunities from Small to Large, and fast and long term returns. Why not have a piece of history, to treasure and enjoy, whilst increasing your bank balance.

To become a member of this private portfolio, contact one of our advisors to find out more.
The Envy Group only ever recommend wines with a Robert Parker score of 90 points plus. It is generally accepted that Robert Parker is the world’s number one wine critic and his 100 point scoring system is the one the industry follows most closely.

What makes fine wine a sound investment?

Classed as an alternative investment, investors should consider fine wine as a vital component of any diversified portfolio. With fine wine, over a reasonable time period, the initial investment can not only be recouped, but gains made can be reinvested into younger vintages.

As an asset class, fine wine is also unique. Due to its inherent nature as a consumable product not only is fine wine an enjoyable investment, it also means that fine wines become more scarce over time, meaning that remaining un-consumed wines of the vintage increase in value.

Like any commodity, as demand outpaces supply, cost increases. As a broker we provide our clients with the necessary consultation that allows them to benefit from this disparity. A great example is the Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2008.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2008 has returned 166% over the past year. The 2008 and 2009 wines have the same Robert Parker rating (98-100 points), but the 2008 is currently £3,450 less than the 2009.

“one of the most profound young wines I have ever tasted, should evolve for 30-40 years and last 50 or more” RP…

Chateau Latour 2008 has returned 150% over the year. Robert Parker believes it could be better than the 2000 and 2005 vintages and is currently £3,000 less expensive than either of these years.

If you would like further information on this exciting opportunity, please contact one of our experts here at the Envy group.


Envy Wine Storage 

If you choose to store your wine at home, let the Envy team create your own underground storage spiral cellar. As seen below –


A watertight, pre-cast cylindrical system that’s sunk into the ground, it can be located anywhere from kitchen to conservatory, workshop to study.


It can keep up to 1,900 bottles in perfect storage conditions and since, like a traditional cellar, it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, plus an ingenious air-flow system, it requires no power to maintain its constant temperature. Once it’s paid for, that’s it – no more expenses except for the wine itself, of course!


Speak to the Envy Team for more details.

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